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iGokulam Courses - July 2022 to June 2023 (One Year Plan)

Teacher: Dr. Bhagavati Kanta Dasa M.Tech (Computer Science from IIT Chennai), Ph.D (USA)

1. Building Your Website using HTML (Level 1 - Age 10+ years)

Start Date: July 10, 2022 (Runs for 12 weeks)

IBM Laptop or Mac Laptop (with admin password)
(Chrome Book will NOT work)

Session-1: July 10, 2022
Coding Basics: Intro to HTML Syntax
The HTML, head, title, & body tags
Headings, paragraphs, & lists
The strong & em tags
The doctype
The lang attribute
The meta tag & the unicode character set
Coding Links: Absolute & Relative URLs
Anchor tags & hrefs &
Linking to other websites
Linking to pages within website
Opening a link in a new browser window/tab

Session-2: July 17, 2022
Adding Images
The break tag
The image tag & source attribute
Using the width, height, & alt attributes
Using horizontal rules
Intro to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
The style tag
Tag selectors
The font-size, font-family, color, & line-height properties
Hexadecimal color codes

Session-3:July 24, 2022
CSS Class Selectors
The class attribute
CSS class selectors
The span tag
CSS opacity
Div Tags, ID Selectors, & Basic Page Formatting
Dividing up content with the div tag
Assigning IDs to divs
Setting width & max-width

Session-4:July 31, 2022
CSS background-color
Adding padding inside a div
Centering content
CSS borders
CSS shorthand & the DRY principle
Using Browser Developer Tools
Opening the Dev Tools in Chrome
Editing HTML in the DevTools Elements panel
Enabling, disabling, & editing CSS in the DevTools

Session-5: Aug 7, 2022
Using DevTools to fine-tune your CSS
Hexadecimal shorthand
HTML5 Semantic Elements & Validating HTML
The outline algorithm
The header. nav. aside. footer elements
Understanding articles & sections
The main element
Checking for errors: validating your code

Session:6: Aug 14, 2022

Page Layout
Organizing content into semantic sections
Adding images
Tagging headings
The Box Model
What is the box model?
Setting div width
Fixing display issue with main element in Internet Explorer
Setting a default font for the page
Margin & padding spacing

Session:7: Aug 21, 2022

Floats & Images
Adding a hero image
Fluid images
Floating images
Class selectors
Coding Links: Images & Page Jumps
Anchor tags & relative URLs
Wrapping links around images
External links (using the target attribute)
Links within a page

Session 8: Aug 28, 2022

Table, border and class
Row and attributes
Cell and attributes
Aligning the contents
Header row

Session:9: Sep 4, 2022
Moving embedded styles into an external CSS file
Sharing styles across a site
The text-align property
Centering divs
Setting the Viewport Meta Tag
Disabling mobile browser text size adjustment
The viewport meta tag

Session-10: Sep 11, 2022
Starting a New Site & CSS Background Images
Setting a default font
Removing default page margin
Linking to an external style sheet
CSS background images
Fun with Fonts
Outer & inner wrappers
The difference between ID & class selectors

Session-11: Sep 18, 2022

Uploading to a Live Website via FTP
Web hosts & domain names
• Things you'll need to upload a website to
• Using an FTP client & going live
LAB-12 - Deploy the website

Session-12: Sep 25, 2022Exam for Certificate

2. Building Mobile App using Blocks Programming in Thunkable (Level 1 - Age 10+ years)

Start Date: Oct 16, 2022 (Runs for 12 weeks)

Chrome Book, or
IBM Laptop or Mac Laptop (with admin password)
(Chrome Book will work)

Session: 1: Oct 23, 2022 - Setup

Setup the account
Setup the environment
Thunkable Basics
Platform overview
Intro to Blocks Programming
Build your first app
Translator app

Session: 2 - Oct 30, 2022 - UI Components-1

Text Input
Fonts and Styles

Session: 3: Nov 6, 2022 - Block Programming-1

Control blocks
Logic blocks
Math blocks
Text blocks

Session: 4 - Nov 13, 2022 - Block Programming-2

Lists blocks
Device - Blutooth
Location Sensor
Functions and Parameters

Session: 5 - Nov 20, 2022 - UI Components-2
Switch blocks
List Viewer
Web Viewer

Session 6: - Nov 27, 2022 - Build an App
Home Page
Details Page
Switching screens and Navigators

Session 7: Dec 4, 2022 - UI Components-3
Positioning components

Session: 8 - Dec 11, 2022 - Audio and Video
Audio Player
Video Player

Session 9: - Dec 17, 2022 Data Sources

Tiny DB

Session 10: Jan, 8, 2023 - Data from Database
Using RESTful API
Parsing JSON

Session: 11: Jan 15, 2023 - Complete the App

Session: 12 - Jan 22 - Exam for Certification

3. Database, SQL and MySQL (Level 1 - Age 10+ years)

Start Date: Feb 5, 2023 (Runs for 12 weeks)

IBM Laptop or Mac Laptop (with admin password)
(Chrome Book will NOT work)

Session-1: Feb 5, 2023 - Database Concepts

Introduction to relational databases
Entity relationship modelling
Levels of normalization
Lab : Normalizing raw data

Session 2: Feb 12, 2023 - Database Objects
Stored procedures
Other database objects
Lab : Using SQL Server in a hybrid cloud

Session 3: Feb 19, 2023 - Installing the MySQL and Tools
XAMPP (Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl)

Session 4: Queries

Use the Where clause
Conditional statements
Multiple conditions
Comparison Operators
Logic Values
Null Values
Patterns also known as Wildcard characters
Compare Column Values

Session 5: Feb 26, 2023 - Advanced Queries

Distinct values
Top Values
Date Functions
Date Calculations
Aggregate Functions
String Functions
Sort Data
Rank Data
Save a Query
Execute a Query
Modify a Saved Query

Session 6: Mar 5, 2023 - Data Analytics

Inner Join
Left Join
Full Outer Join
Except and Intersect

Session 7: Mar 12, 2023 - Data Analytics

Presenting and Making Sense of Query Results
Saving the Query Results and Exporting
Generating Reports

Session 8: Mar 19, 2023 - Database Administration
Using phpMyAdmin
Using SequelPro

Session-9: Mar 26, 2023 Accession Data from RESTful API

Session-10: Apr 2, 2023 - Case Study-1

Session-11: Apr 9, 2023 - Build a database - LAB

Session-12: Apr 16, 2023 - Exam for Certificate

4. Advanced Web Building using PHP, MySQL (Level 2 - Age 12+ years)

Start Date: May 7, 2023 (Runs for 12 weeks)

IBM Laptop or Mac Laptop (with admin password)
(Chrome Book will NOT work)

Website Building using PHP - L2

Session 1: May 7, 2023 - HISTORY OF PHP

Installing PHP
General Requirements
UNIX based Systems
Windows based Systems
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Session 2: May 14, 2023 - PHP LANGUAGE BASICS

Programming Basics
Comment markers
PHP Tags
Output Commands
Using Files
Opening files
Reading files
Writing to Files

Session 3: May 21, 2023 - PHP VARIABLES

Naming Rules
Data Types
Floating Point Numbers
Floating Point Precision
Single Quoted Strings
Double Quoted Strings
Creating and Assigning Variables
Assigning Values to Variables
Type Conversion
Variable Scoping
Global Keyword
Static Keyword

Session 4: May 28, 2023 - PHP VARIABLES ADV
Super Globals
Variable Variables
Assignment Operators
Increment/Decrement Operators
Arithmetic Operators
String Operators
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators

Session 5: June 4, 2023 - CONTROL STRUCTURES

Statement Blocks
If Construct
Else Keyword
Elseif Keyword
Looping Constructs

Session 6: June 11, 2023 - MORE CONTROL STRUCTURES

While Loop
Do-while Loop
For Loop
Foreach Loop
Loop Control Words

Session 7: June 18, 2023 - REGULAR EXPRESSIONS

Unicode Character Properties
Circumflex and Dollar
Full Stop
Square Brackets
Vertical Bar
Pattern Matching with ereg and eregi
Pattern Matching with preg_match
Splitting Text

Session 8: June 25, 2023 - PHP ARRAYS

Creating/Modifying with Square-Bracket Syntax
Array Functions
Pitfalls when using Arrays
Using a Return value as a Key
Converting to Array
Sorting an Array
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Creating a new Multi-Dimensional Array

Session 9: July 2, 2023 - PHP FUNCTIONS

Conditionally Created Functions
Functions Created Inside Functions
Argument Passing by Value
Argument Passing by Reference
Returning Values
Including External PHP Functions

Session 10: July 9, 2023 - PHP OBJECT ORIENTED

HTML/PHP Examples
PHP Extensions by communities
PECL ( and PEAR (

Session 11: July 16 - Complete and Deploy WebSite using PHP - LAB

Session 12: July 25, 2023 - Exam for Certificate