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Performance Entry-NC

Hari Kathas

IPBYS Prison Seva - Presentation by Ananga Mohini D D

Gita in Prison - 02 Karma Yoga

Gita in Prison - 01-History and Introduction

Slide decks used for the Prison Preaching in Federal Prison Complex in Butner (NC)

1. Change a Heart - 2016

#TitlePresentation Deck
03Living in HarmonyView/Download
04Balanced LifeView/Download
05Best Of All YogasView/Download
06Changed HeartView/Download

2. Bhakti Yoga - 2017

#TitlePresentation Deck
01God and Our PositionView/Download
02Bhakti YogaView/Download
03The Bhakti Yoga 1View/Download
04The Bhakti Yoga - Part-2View/Download
05The Bhakti Yoga - Part-3View/Download
06Practicing The Bhakti YogaView/Download

3. Teachings of Lord Caitanya - 2017

#TitlePresentation Deck
01Who is Lord CaitanyaView/Download
02It is all in the nameView/Download
03Who Can ChantView/Download
04Surrender and CryView/Download
05In Ecstatic LoveView/Download
06Take Shelter in HarinamaView/Download

4. Journey of the Soul - 2018

#TitlePresentation Deck
01Origin of Jivas NewView/Download
02Our Nature and Relation to KrishnaView/Download
03Material Worlds - LowerView/Download
04Material Worlds - HigherView/Download
05Spiritual WorldsView/Download
06Ending our Journey ForeverView/Download

5. Essence of Bhagavad Gita - 2019

#TitlePresentation Deck
01The History Behind GitaView/Download
02Karma YogaView/Download
03Ashtanga YogaView/Download
04Jnana YogaView/Download
05Bhakti YogaView/Download
06Real Essence of GitaView/Download

6. Crying for God - 2019

#TitlePresentation Deck
01We all CryView/Download
02This World is MiserableView/Download
03We and the WorldsView/Download
04Stages and DestinationsView/Download
05Art of CryingView/Download