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Temple - The Heart of Every House

In the heart of every house should be a temple.It should be the center of your entire life. You should have the mind set that the master of your house is Sri Sri Radha Krishna and you are just servants to them. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you talk and whatever you think should be related only to Them. 

Unlike other paramparas, where they focus in Karma and Jnana, we should focus only on Pure Bhakti instead. As Lord Krishna says, for such souls there is no debts, no bindings, and no mundane karmas called duties. Every debt is erased!:

Devarsi bhutapta nrnam pitrnam

Na kinkaro nayam rni ca rajan

Sarvatmana yah saranam saranyam

Gato mukundam parihrtya kartam   ... (S.B. 11.5.41)

"One who completely surrenders to Krsna, the affectionate protector of the surrendered souls, no longer remains indebted to the devatas, forefathers, other living beings, kinsmen, or guests. He is not subordinate to anyone, and he is not obliged to serve anyone"
In your home temple, there should be only the primary deitis: Sri Caitanya and Sri Radha Krishna. If you have this, it is the best. You should also have the pictures of your guru, such as Srila Gurudeva, and Srila Prabhupada below the deities, and also a picture of pancha tattva. To support your everyday chanting and meditation, you can have pictures of leelas of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and/or Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

If you have deities of Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga instead of just Sri Caitanya, then you should have them in a separate altar, or they should be separated somehow using a partition from Sri Sri Radha Krishna. The reason is the different mood and position of Lord Nitayanda who is none other than Lord Balaram. 

And most importantly, do not (repeat do not) keep any photos or things associated with your relatives who have passed away. It is a very serious aparadha. Also do not keep any other deities whatever they may be.Our goal is to serve Sri Sri Radha & Krishna with Ananya Bhakti. Like a chaste wife who has her complete love only to her husband, an anayna bhakta should have complete bhakti to Sri Radha Krishna alone. When we also worship demigods it is called misra-bhakti which we do not want. Even though all the other gods are servants or angas of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, do not keep any such deities in the temple. Many make their puja room like a mall of gods. However if you see other deities, you should give honor and respect but no dandavat pranams to them. Always remember that you belong one and only to Sri Sri Radha Krishna. By serving that Supreme lord, all the demigods are more satisfied than worshipping them separately. Demigods are the angas or branches and leaves of a tree. Only by pouring water to the root (Krishna) every part of the tree becomes healthy and happy.

Your mind should never ever be attracted to siddhis, and hence worshipping any siddhas who display their powers should be completely abandoned. You should understand that any worship you do to any demi-gods actually go to Sri Krishna as the rivers flow towards the ocean. But remember that those worshipper never reach Krishna! They will go only to the lokas of their demi-gods. Krishna says that only those whose intelligence has been stolen by selfish desires will get attracted to worshipping demi-gods. That is a simple psychology.

 All the details of temple worship are given in Archana Dipika that you can download from our web.